Review of the Smartphone MPie G7 4G Finger Scanner: Test, Benchmark – ElectroFame

This videos reviews the smartphone Mpie G7, having great features such as 4G FDD LTE, fingerprint scanner, and off screen gesture. We will show you all the specifications of this smartphone Mpie G7, the Antutu Benchmark score, and different other tests like the GPS for example. The smartphone Mpie G7 has the fingerprint scanner ont eh back of the phone, which allows you to securely protect your device from other hands. In addition, when your screen is off, you can simply draw some letters or other designs on the screen and it will wake the smartphone Mpie G7 and launch the application you previously set up. For a budget smartphone, the Mpie G7 remains one of the best choices among the Chinese smartphones of the end of this year 2014.
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