Proven method to build your own mobile brand

Proven method to build your own mobile brand

Before your smartphone brand is born in this globe, you should guarantee that you know your targeted marketplace well. Ensure that you can simply answer the questions here:

  • Which phone model is best selling in your country or area?
  • Which end does your phone brand aim for, high-end market place, middle-end market, low-end marketplace?
  • What is your Minimum Order Quantity? Many times you may be not sure simply because you have no clue the money every cellphone will cost.

The Role of integrator in the smartphone industry

integrator company China

The businesses of an integrator can handle all the following:

International Certification
Marketing Channel
Product Sales
Cost Control

An integrator may be your partner in China, who is able to assist you with OEM manufacturing, Custom skin, Third-party Inspection, and so forth. So, it’s a great idea to stay in touch with them. So next, the upcoming question will be: can anyone help me connect with them. Go on to stick to the steps below for the answer.


Step 1:

OEM Chinese phone platform cnoemphone official

Just Go to this OEM Chinese phone platform you can enter the Web address or maybe search cnoemphone on Google , Bing , Yahoo, or other search engines. There, you should be able to find the producer which help prosper your business or the popular model which hit the spot.


Step 2:

Look at the contacts area at the top. Call a personal assistant, and then Get in touch with him/her. Find out more secrets related to Chinese smartphone industry. They seems all native Chinese, so they know what you’d like to learn yet failed to .


Step 3

filter mobiles by specs

Scan through all the models on this web page There are many choices and combinations. The filter can assist you find what you need right away.

Just Simply filter by CPU, RAM, ROM, Display, Front Camera, Rear Camera and also Networks


Step 4:

submit your needs requirements.

In case you did not get the best smartphone model to suit your needs after checking very far from the homepage, we advise you another option. Fortunately, this Chinese platform allows you to submit a ticket telling your specific needs. They should respond to you as soon as possible.


Interested in Elephone devices?


In case that you happen to be very curious about certain model of Elephone, for instance , favored P7000, P8000, P9000, etc.


You can contact the corporation via support(at) As far as I am concerned, nearly every elephone model has in excess of 1 ID design, the one put into this marketplace is in general finest but in some cases it might be not best for you. Different countries, Different requirements, Different trends.


And so, simply have a go before you say goodbye to a appealing model which could improve your business to higher level. Keep in mind: Chinese are usually very warm and friendly to cooperate with. Even if they can’t satisfy your needs / requirements eventually (Maybe as a consequence of technology issue or some different) , nevertheless, they will try their very best always.



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