Frequently Asked Questions With Regards to 2G 3G 4G Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions With Regards to 2G 3G 4G Mobile

May I go with a 2G SIM in a 4G SIM slot?


Yes ! the SIM can work on the whole set of phones. A 4G SIM card is just like common SIM. You are able to insert it in any mobilephone(2G/3G/4G) and make/receive calls normally. However , if you hope to benefit from 4G internet in that case , you need 3 points: a 4G mobilephone, 4G SIM and 4G mobile phone network in your city. Practically all SIMs will work in almost all cellphones, however , in the event that the cellphone is unable to hold 3G/4G features, some abilities will undoubtedly be missing.

Can someone really have a Third generation Google android cell phone enable a 4G SIM card network, given it’s rooted and also carries a micro SIM slot?4g mobile smartphone wireless broadband

Essentially a 4G SIM will turn into 3G SIM card in your Third generation android os mobile. It will be possible to make/receive calls or work with 3G network.

Thus if your purpose is calling/messaging/3G/2G internet it’ll work.

Nevertheless, in the event that you desire to employ 4G web service then bad luck buddy. 4G demands Three elements: 4G network in your area, 4G SIM, as well as 4G cell phone for example one of these: 4G handsets .
Rooting is not going to assist you to access 4G internet. It’s software-level tricks plus you need components as well. A gun is essential to truly open fire


A mobile phone’s capacity to support 3G or 4G network is definitely a hardware property.Mobile Rooting in contrast means getting root access to the software programs placed on the device.

Not possible except in cases where you’re a top class electronics industry technician who can alter the components

Best solution:

Hope you are asking question because you hope to utilize a 4G network on your 3rd generation smartphone. I’m informing you of best method I realize, you can purchase an LTE portable mobile hotspot and go with 4G internet service comfortably. Voice service in any case is still available from lower generations also in 4G.

Let’s consider the differences between 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G!

1G = analog2g 3g 4g cellular network

2G = digital, voice

2.5G = added data (GPRS)

2.75G = faster data (EDGE)

3G = digital, supported data, packet switched (WCDMA, EvDO)

3.5G= faster data (HSPA)

4G = wireless broadband
(The majority of people say this is LTE, quite a few people are awaiting upgrading to LTE-A)

5G =not even defined  Greatly faster. Probably be real in approximately the year 2020

Can we make use of a GSM SIM in an 4G slot in mobiles?

Four types of SIM cards so far

Full-size (85.6mm x53.98mm x0.76 mm) – Form Factor 1 -Applied to older generation Smartphones. Quite Less common
Mini-SIM (25mm x 15mm x 0.76mm) – Form Factor 2 – Well-known Type of SIM Employed in virtually all GSM Mobile handsets year or two back
Micro-SIM (15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm) – Form Factor 3 – Quite Common Kind of SIM card Used in practically all GSM Phones at this time
Nano-SIM (12.3mm x8.8mm x0.67mm) – Form Factor 4 – Fresh new Cellular phones has the match ups.

Coming back to your concern:

Yes without a doubt it is possible to utilize it. That should never be a concern. GSM SIM card can work in LTE slot however, the reverse is not true to put it differently., You will not benefit from 4G LTE speeds in GSM slots although you use 4G compatible SIM card.

In order for experiencing true 4G network,  you require 3 things: a 4G smart phone, 4G SIM card and 4G networking system within your town.

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