Chipsetter ONE: Desktop Pick-And-Place Equipment

Chipsetter ONE: Desktop Pick-And-Place Equipment

Play the video media down below to discover more about this phenomenal assembly system that’s an excellent option for any working area environment.

Needless to say Chipsetter has published an exciting new desktop pick-and-place equipment via the Kickstarter crowdfunding site for the exact purpose of achieving CAD $140,000 during the upcoming A month.

The Chipsetter desktop machine is created to offer creators, manufacturers and lovers with a trustworthy and low-priced desktop pick-and-place equipment, which will allow you to assemble your very own printed circuit board prototypes.

With your own special PCB assembly machine you will be in a position to convey your designs to market quicker, possibly even accomplish small production runs.

Few facets of circuit board development are as very tiring as placing electronics components manually. Companies can certainly assemble small batches, but nonetheless , will pay 2 weeks – one month and $1000 on every design cycle.

Empowered by desktop 3D printing technology, we attempt to produce a useful and system. We recognized that to be useful it would have to truly save you commitment. To achieve that, our solution must be fairly reputable, and we must solve the setup time issue.

We started out this project after assembling lots of PCBs over the past 10 years. Downsizing SMT machine proportions, coupled with new access to cost-effective prototype PCB fabrication services meant we were developing a lot more circuit boards than previously, and consistently suffering from the pain of hand-operated assembly. Our study of obtainable solutions pointed out current desktop gear was either not affordable, or unreliable. We desired something much better, and we realized all the electronics designers just like us demanded it also. As a result we made a decision to do something.
While other solutions have moved away from single tape feeders in favour of arrays of tape slots, many consumers have reported at how tough this has made it to setup and alter over jobs. we chose to chase an less expensive feeder solution, which required all of us to design an reasonable easily-removed electronic feeder system from the start. It is our intention to permit people who own the Chipsetter ONE to own a sufficient amount of feeders to put a finish to time wasted switching tape between feeders in a change-over. Chipsetter Tape Feeders can be easily loaded and unloaded from the Chipsetter ONE, which makes mechanical and electrical connections in one fast movement.


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